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Olympus OM D E-M 1 Mk II review - or how can you win, when everyone else thinks that you have lost…

Note: All photos presented in the following review have been shoot in RAW format and were converted to TIFF/JPEG using PhaseOne - Capture 1 software. Because my default settings are all on Neutral and therefore both the colors and the contrast will be a bit faded compared to what our eyes will perceive, I had to edit the photos to add some contrast and saturation to be able to reflect the real colors. This was not the case for all photos that are presented below, as for some of them I did not had to adjust anything once the RAW was converted to TIFF/JPEG. Whoever has any issues with this can consider it it’s own problem. I will add as part of an archive full size photos as well as the RAW files, thus making everyone happy. By the way: reading this review is not a mandatory thing! I shall start writing this review, by trying to express the feelings that I’ve had the moment when I have decided to challenge my fate by renouncing the honorary title of Nikon Ambassador, only to throw